The Thread That Keeps Us ltd.2LP
The Thread That Keeps Us ltd.2LP

The Thread That Keeps Us ltd.2LP

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2x 180g heavy black vinyl (album + bonus 12" EP with 7 bonus tracks) in a gatefold sleeve, comes with printed inner sleeves and download card for album+bonus tracks

Side A 

  1. End of the World with You
  2. Voices in the Field
  3. Bridge to Nowhere
  4. Spinball 
  5. Under the Wheels
  6. The Town & Miss Lorraine
  7. Flores y Tamales
  8. Another Space

Side B

  1. Unconditional Waltz
  2. Girl in the Forest
  3. Eyes Wide Awake
  4. Dead in the Water
  5. Shortboard 
  6. Thrown to the Wild
  7. Music Box


Side C

  1. Longboard
  2. Luna Roja
  3. Curse of the Ride
  4. Inside the Energy Field

Side D

  1. Lost Inside
  2. End of the Night
  3. Dream on Mount Tam

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