Swim [2LP]

By Caribou

2x 180g vinyl in gatefold jacket

Comes with immediate download of "Swim" digital album + "Swim Remixes Collection" 

Record includes free download code voucher for the "Swim" album and "Swim Remixes" album including reworks by DJ Koze, Gold Panda, Junior Boys and more


01. Sun 
02. Kaili
03. Found Out
04. Bowls
05. Leave House
06. Hannibal
07. Lalibela
08. Jamelia
09. Odessa

If you think you know Caribou, think again. Dan Snaith’s 5th album Swim is the sound of the musical glass ceiling being blown away.

If there is a link to previous album Andorra, it would be in the ravishing explosions of sound pulsing through album closer ‘Niobe’. A continuum of sorts leads us to 2010, but that finale gives mere hints as to the future Caribou. From the opening effervescent gambol of ‘Odessa’ to the glorious odyssey of ‘Jamelia’, it’s crystal clear that Caribou has made a massive leap forwards, upwards and sideways.
Swim is full of brightly textured, rapturous gems that gleam with astonishing production – and then wrenches at your heart with soulful, thoughtful reveries on the passing of time, family history and the breakdown of relationships. “There are songs about growing old in a relationship, about divorce and loneliness in old age but the lyrics are generally pretty abstract sketches of what’s going on in the situation in my head.”