Hata Payı CD

Hata Payı CD

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The new album from Jakuzi on CD.
The full album will be available to download at the time of purchase.
Istanbul synthpop vanguards Jakuzi turned heads in 2017 with the release of their unique and exciting debut album Fantezi Müzik which showcased modern Turkish underground music to the world. Two years later their new album, Hata Payı (meaning literally ‘’a part of the mistake”), brings a more refined and darker sound to their arsenal, exploring the depths of relationships and the human condition. 
1.  Sana Göre Bir Şey Yok
2.  Şüphe
3.  Yangın
4.  Gördüğüm Rüya
5.  Kalbim Köprü Gibi
6. Hâlâ Berbat
7.  Kendine Rağmen 
8.  İstemezdim
9.  Toz 
10.  Bir Şey Olur
11. Ne Teselli Ne Avuntu

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