Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!? [Limited Coloured LP]


Pressed on recycled coloured vinyl

Includes digital album (Link will be emailed once order has shipped)

Disc colour will not likely be as shown. Every record is a unique piece with individual mix of colours. 


1. Hanif Reads Toni (Feat. Hanif)
2. Sun, I Rise (feat. Angélica Garcia)
3. Mezzanine Tippin' (Feat. Teller Bank$, Alfred.)
4. Run, Run, Run
5. Live! From The Kitchen Table (Feat. Ghais Guevara)
6. Tyler, Forever
7. Dedicated to Tar Feather (Feat. Anjimile)
8. The Story So Far (Interlude)
9. The Story So Far (Feat. Seline Haze)
10. Beloved! Paradise! Jazz!? (Feat. Ms. Jaylin Brown)