Better Way [LP]



Pressed on eco-friendly recycled coloured vinyl (specific colours will vary and are unique to each copy). Comes with lyrics sheet and download code.

Includes digital album (Link will be emailed once order has shipped)

Always restless and brimming with creative energy and zeal, Casper Clausen, front man of illustrious band Efterklang and adjacent project Liima unveils his debut solo album "Better Way”.

On this debut solo venture he exhibits a new sense of ingenuity and musical exploration, unrestricted by formats, genres and collective goals. He presents a kaleidoscopic album journeying new terrain, twisting dense textures and swirls of sound into tales of the two alpha and omegas: Alienation and Love.

"It’s a record about finding a better way, loving stronger, falling harder” he says. “It’s about being far away, and it’s about being myself, how I make music by myself. It’s my first album, though I’ve been in bands ever since I started making music in my teens. Most of the songs on this record were written in a similar way; I’d go to my studio every day, turn on some machines and find some sounds that I like and let my mind drift away. I would always leave one song behind every day I went to the studio.” - Casper Clausen


A1. Used to think (00:08:44)
A2. Feel It Coming (00:05:30)
A3. Dark Heart (00:04:02)
A4. Snow White (00:05:19)
B5. Falling apart like you (00:03:18)
B6. Little Words (00:04:01)
B7. 8 Bit Human (00:05:00)
B8. Ocean Wave (00:07:52)