Rivonia [CD]


Compact Disc Edition

1. Down Under, Mining
2. Took Them Away
3. Good Hope
4. 27.04.1994
5. From Now On
6. Victory
7. Man Of The Book
8. Back From The Dead
9. Teller Of Truths
10. Already Are
11. Cruelty On Beauty On

RIVONIA is an honest, courageous and expansive collection, that is as musically exciting as it is thematically determined. But MacNeil never distances herself from the scenes she depicts. Instead she places herself in the thick of them, while managing to appear impartial throughout, even in the face of the biggest horrors. It is only on the last song,  “Beauty On Cruelty On”, that she actually allows herself a commentary on the state of the human race. Her stance; that we have a great propensity for evil, and from this mankind will probably never be free. As if to reiterate this, she closes this remarkable album with the warcry of two  armies, a sacrilegious hymn to the futility and folly of war.