The Devil, You + Me [LP]


Comes in gatefold jacket

Includes digital album (Link will be emailed once order has shipped)

1. Good Lies

2. Where In This World
3. Gloomy Planets
4. Alphabet
5. The Devil, You + Me
6. Gravity
7. Sleep
8. On Planet Off
9. Boneless
10. Hands On Us
11. Gone Gone Gone

On first listen, "The Devil, You + Me" greets you like an old friend. Markus Acher's singular voice surrounds you with all the comfort of familiarity, the euphoria of re-acquaintance. It takes a while before the words and the scale of the musical language sink in.

This is an album driven by an individual and collective restlessness, something that manifests itself both in the endlessly inventive musical construction and the submerged lyrical narrative that hits you from the astonishing opening "Good Lies" all the way through to the fragile end-piece "Gone Gone Gone". The lyrics explore a world of uneasy being, structured like incantations formed to ward off the inescapable cycle of life and death, falling back on archetypes, religion, God and the devil himself. Acher seems to be resisting the inevitabilities of mortality, fighting the physical certainties of the world around us - "Gravity you won't get me. Old gravity you won't get me..."