Primitives [LP]

By Bayonne

180g Black Vinyl Release

1. Intro
2. Appeals
3. Spectrolite
4. Marim
5. Waves
6. Steps
7. Lates
8. Omar
9. Living Room (Bonus Track)
10. Hammond (Bonus Track)
11. Sincere (Bonus Track)

Primitives, Sellers' debut as Bayonne, is a rich, complex work, the kind with no clear rock parallel. In its winding, maze-like structures are hints of both Steve Reich and Owen Pallett, each instrument working a single melodic pattern over and over and over, as Sellers threads his soft, reedy voice between them. On songs like Appeals,' the effect is hypnotic: notes from a piano crash down like spilled marbles from a bucket, as Sellers' ringing-bell vocals swing back and forth between them. The end result is spellbinding music, meticulously-crafted songs where each tiny piece locks into another, and hundreds of them joined together create a breath-taking whole — like dots in a Seurat, or tiny bones in a dinosaur skeleton.