By Sinkane

180g black vinyl

1. Runnin'
2. Jeeper Creeper
3. Lady C'mon
4. Making Time
5. Warm Spell
6. Love Sick
7. Mars
8. Caparundi

On one level, Mars is dense with deep, polyrhythmic grooves that hail directly to Africa; on another level, it's a 21st century party record that acknowledges the global music village in which we all now live.

The music of Mars is kinetic, sexy and catchy. But at its core, it's one man's way of working through a very American story.
Gallab's family left Sudan when he was a boy, immigrated to the U.S. and moved all over the country. He went to high school in Kent, Ohio. There, he found his first musical community in the town's unsung but thriving post-hardcore scene. He became the touring drummer for Caribou in the spring of 2008, then toured with Of Montreal that summer and fall before moving to New York City. Soon, he joined Yeasayer and toured the world with them, playing all sorts of instruments, for three years