Sincerely, Future Pollution [LP]


Black Vinyl Release

Timber Timbre’s music has always traced a shadowed path, using cues of the past to fuse the sound of a distant, haunted now. On its fourth record, Timber Timbre coats the stark, sensual sound of 2014’s album "Hot Dreams“ in an oil-black rainbow of municipal grime. It is the cinema of a dizzying dystopia, rattled by the science fiction of this bluntly nonfictional time. Sincerely, Future Pollution is Timber Timbre’s document of this generation’s degeneration and disarray. With Kirk as narrator, a party to the play, we get caught in the folly of the echo chamber, awed by the contrast of this gothic modern age. 


A1 Velvet Gloves & Spit
A2 Grifting
A3 Skin Tone
A4 Moment
B1 Sewer Blues
B2 Western Questions
B3 Sincerely, Future Pollution
B4 Bleu Nuit
B5 Floating Cathedral