Replace Why With Funny [CD]


Digipak Release

1. Way Of The World
2. Dearheart
3. Great White Bear
4. Bend
5. Out Out Out
6. Release Me
7. Never Goes
8. The Same
9. What We Wanted
10. Everything Is Caving

Replace Why With Funny is a shiny little pearl of a record and the first thirty seconds of opening track 'Way Of The World' encapsulate its contrary charms. Creeping in on the rattle of guitar strings, it skips merrily along a melodic path honeyed with simple harmonies until MacNeil shatters this short-lived illusion with an almost imperceptible but universally recognisable sigh.  It's an endearing injection of reality, typical of a band who constantly explore contrasting emotions, MacNeil's exquisitely pure voice offset by the despair she's expressing, her melodies masking lyrics largely focussed on the break-up of a relationship, and which she confesses were “written for me, to help me deal with feelings of loneliness and betrayal and that bitter feeling that real love is an elusive state only meant for the elite lucky few.”