(PRE-ORDER) 属 Belonging Digital
Ian Chang

(PRE-ORDER) 属 Belonging Digital

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PRE-ORDER: Please note that this is a pre-order and the full album will not be available for download until the release day on April 24th 2020.

FLAC download of 属 Belonging by Ian Chang. The track 'Audacious (feat. KAZU)' will be available to download at time of purchase with the full album on release day.

01 舞狮 Lion Dance
02 Comfort Me (feat. Kiah Victoria)
03 Teem
04 Swarm
05 Audacious (feat. KAZU)
06 Food Court
07 雀舌 Bird's Tongue (feat. Hanna Benn)
08 Zoetrope
09 醉罗汉 Drunken Fist

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