Neon Golden [LP]


180G Black Vinyl Release

01. Pilot
02. Pick Up The Phone
03. Trashing Days
04. This Room
05. Solitaire
06. One With The Freaks
07. Neon Golden
08. Off The Rail
09. Consequence
10. One Step Inside Doesn't Mean You Understand

Walking a line between what has passed and what is yet to come, seminal band The Notwist have always pioneered a sound that is both definitively new and distinctly theirs. A series of personal, impeccable records lie in their wake, including the classic Neon Golden (“The Notwist have created a masterpiece by pulling the same trick they pulled on Shrink: mixing things that might not seem to fit together into a beautiful, seamless whole” 9.2 Pitchfork).

Records whose diverse impressions are tied together with an all-encompassing warmth and bold experimental streak, one which presents itself clearly on their wonderful new album Close To the Glass.