Mr. M (ltd. CD/DVD)

Mr. M (ltd. CD/DVD)

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Digipak with CD album & DVD "LAMBCHOP Live At Admiralspalast Berlin 2010" + more bonus material

Tracklist CD
1. If Not i'll Just Die
2. 2B2
3. Gone Tomorrow
4. Mr Met
5. Gar
6. Nice Without Mercy
7. Buttons
8. The Good Life (Is Wasted)
9. Kind Of
10. Betty's Overture
11. Never My Love

Tracklist DVD
1. The Daily Growl
2. The New Cobweb Summer
3. My Blue Wave
4. I Can Hardly Spell My Name
5. Is A Woman
6. Up With People
7. Give It
8. The One
9. 2B2
10. Betty's Overture
11. Buttons
12. An Introduction
13. Song By Song / Kurt Wager Talks About Mr. M
14. Gone Tomorrow

MR. M started in a painter’s studio in fact. Wagner explains. “As I worked, I was approached by Mark Nevers with the idea of making another Lambchop record. He had a concept of a sound and a method that worked with the tone of my writing. His idea was a kind of ‘psycho-Sinatra’ sound, one that involved the arranging of strings and other sounds in a more open and yet complex way. It was a studio creation, not a type of recording based on band performance, and this was a radical approach for us. I felt Lambchop had one more good record in us, and this time I was going to do things as directly and true to my desires as possible.”

The resulting album was recorded at Nevers’s Nashville Beech House studio cum bungalow, working with the usual core of musicians- Scott Martin (drums), Matt Swanson (bass), Ryan Norris (guitar, organ), Tony Crow (piano), William Tyler (guitar). Guests include original co-founder Jonathan Marx, delightful Cortney Tidwell and fiddler Billy Contreras - and with spectacular string arrangements shared between Peter Stopschinski and Mason Neely, it stretches out sonically as promised. 

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