Spiral / Wave Is Not The Water 7"
Wye Oak

Spiral / Wave Is Not The Water 7"

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"Spiral" is without a doubt one of the best songs Wye Oak have ever written now available on limited-edition 7-inch on red vinyl

Jenn and Andy told us a little about each track, both of which were originally released in partnership with Adult Swim: 
“Spiral” popped up around 2012, at a time before we began work on Shriek. We were just starting to experiment with synthetic and more pop-oriented sounds, and also got assistance on the marimba from our friend Rod Hamilton, with whom Jenn was sharing a loft at the Copycat in Baltimore at the time. 

“Wave Is Not the Water” was created in the early months of 2017, without either of us ever setting foot in the same space. Andy was touring as the drummer for Lambchop and volleying the recording back and forth with Jenn via email, as seems to be the current state of things.

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