Dead Magic CD
Anna von Hausswolff

Dead Magic CD

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1. The Truth, The Glow, The Fall
2. The Mysterious Vanishing of Electra
3. Ugly And Vengeful
4. The Marble Eye
5. Källans återuppståndelse

Anna von Hausswolff's fourth album, Dead Magic, confirms her formidable reputation as the creator of a singular world, equal parts black magic and beauty.
Its five solemn but never less than thrilling tracks extend over 47 uncompromising minutes full of heightened qualities, among them tension, grace and sorcery.
With the stately sound of Copenhagen's Marmorkirken church organ as its center piece, Dead Magic calls upon an unlikely array of influences and inspirations - including Yma, Sumac, Sunn O))), Gyorgi Ligeti, Swans and Nils Frahm – for Anna von Hausswolff’s most intense collection to date.

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