Grey Oceans [CD]


Jewel Box Release

01. Trinity’s Crying
02. Smokey Taboo
03. Hopscotch
04. Undertaker
05. Grey Oceans
06. R.I.P. Burn Face
07. The Moon Asked the Crow
08. Lemonade
09. Gallows
10. Fairy Paradise
11. Here I Come

CocoRosie is the potently poetic music-based project of American cross-disciplinary performance artists Sierra and Bianca Casady. They sing eye-opening accounts of unsayable things, yet their music ultimately celebrates a spiritual freedom attainable in the purely natural world. Their songs blend a myriad of styles and references, from hip-hop and reggae through to folk and opera, shaping the most painful of experiences into memorable and evocative pop songs. Taken as a whole, CocoRosie’s music is an ongoing psychologically intimate dialogue between the siblings. Each sister has her own persona and vocal delivery; Bianca delivers hard-hitting truths in a childlike voice whilst Sierra responds in pure open tones, playing a range of instruments including the harp, flute, piano, and guitar.