Fields [Deluxe 3CD]


Deluxe 3CD Box of JUNIP's first full album release.
It includes the regular album 'Fields', as well as the band's previous 2 EP releases 'Black Refuge EP' & 'Rope & Summit EP' issued as an 8-panel Digipak.



1-1 In Every Direction 3:06
1-2 Always 3:37
1-3 Rope & Summit 5:20
1-4 Without You 5:30
1-5 It's Alright 3:27
1-6 Howl 3:35
1-7 Sweet & Bitter 3:35
1-8 Don't Let It Pass 3:57
1-9 Off Point 3:41
1-10 To The Grain 4:10
1-11 Tide 6:51

Rope & Summit EP, Chickens, Azaleadalen

2-1 Rope & Summit 5:29
2-2 Far Away 2:48
2-3 At The Doors 8:21
2-4 Loops 5:10
2-5 Chickens 5:10
2-6 Azaleadalen 3:26

Black Refuge EP

3-1 Black Refuge 3:29
3-2 Turn To The Assassin 3:44
3-3 Official 6:07
3-4 Chugga-Chugga 1:58
3-5 The Ghost Of Tom Joad 4:11

Junip is a three piece from Gothenburg whose cosmopolitan line-up features Tobias Winterkorn (keyboards), Elias Araya (drums) and Jose Gonzalez (vocals & guitar). You’ll be familiar with the latter from his solo work, but Junip have existed since 1999, maybe even 1998. It’s so long, frankly, that none of them are quite sure. “FIELDS”, however, is the album that they’ve been itching to make ever since.

“FIELDS” proves that every second of its protracted gestation has been worth the wait. From the galloping simplicity of ‘Off Point’ to the gentle summer breeze of ‘Always’, from the light-as-a-feather deftness of ‘It’s Alright’ to the blissful melancholy of ‘Tide’, it’s a heady and seductive brew, defined by the warmth of Winterkorn’s keyboards, Araya’s subtly insistent rhythms and Gonzalez’ distinctive, softly-sung tones and enigmatic lyricism. Its modesty belies its attention to detail as well as its defiantly not-of-this-time and not-of-this-world atmosphere. It’s hardly surprising that Gonzalez was so eager to return from the lonely world of the solo artist to immerse himself once again in what Winterkorn calls “the Junipsphere”, but it’s equally obvious why his band mates waited so long. Ten years in the making, “FIELDS” is an almost impossibly perfect debut album that proves good things always come to those who wait…