Fantezi Müzik LP

Fantezi Müzik LP

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140g Heavy black vinyl release
 includes mp3 download-code.

While music fans and press were busy catching up on the Turkish legacy of 70s rock and psychedelia, a very active and vibrant underground music scene in Istanbul was developing under the radar. Jakuzi are the latest offspring, and their debut album is a lo-fi pop masterpiece that doesn't sound like any other band out there right now. Their aim was to create something different to their previous punk and garage projects, a type of background which has frequently brought out the best in synth-wave bands. Many of the songs are deeply rooted in the rich history of Turkish pop but Western listeners will also take note of krautrock, disco and elements of Joy Division, David Bowie, Roxy Music, The Smiths & Tears for Fears. 

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